Google is best known as the most popular search engine on the Internet.  However, the Google company now offers a huge range of free apps that the work on all devices.  They cover just about anything that we might need to do, and for most users, remove the need to buy expensive software.  These one-off workshops cover the most useful of these.

  • Google Chrome: How to install and use the most popular web browser, including setting up your home page, adding favourites, and adding multple tags.
  • Google Calendar: This is a free tool that helps you organise your schedule, keep track of appointments and set reminders.  With Google’s online calendar, it is easy to keep track of life’s important events all in one place.  You can share your calendar with co-workers, family and friends.  Learn how to use this very effective calendar and diary system that can synchronise across all your devices to help you organise your life.
  • Google Maps and Google Earth: These two related apps enable you to get map or satellite views of just about anywhere on the planet.  Google Maps includes a very effective navigator to help you find your way from place to place.  
  • Gmail:  Gmail is a fully-featured web-based free email service to send and receive email content via the internet.   Because it is web-based, it can be used from any of your devices that connect to the internet.  
  • Google Docs:  This is a very capable free web-based word processor that can meet most word processing needs.