These courses run over two or more weeks, and are designed to provide the basic skills for those starting out with computing technology, or those moving to a new device.

Computing with Windows 10

Acquire all the skills needed to use a Windows 10 PC or laptop, including setting up the computer, using the mouse and keyboard, getting a basic understanding of Windows 10, organising your computer (files and folders),  computer security and maintenance, getting first skills with entering text and producing documents.

Using an Android smartphone

For beginners with smartphones, this course covers using the touchscreen, setting up your phone and home page, making and receiving phone calls and texts, setting ringtones, entering contacts, the clock and alarm system, connecting to WIFI, using Bluetooth, and a first look at the world of apps.

Using an Android tablet

For beginners with Android tablets, this course covers differences between brands, setting up, organising your home screen, opening a Google account, setting up email, setting up anti-virus, reading books, news and weather, taking and storing photos, online shopping, using  your tablet with your TV, and printing from your tablet. 

Using iPads and iPhones

A first introduction to using these Apple devices, covering similar ground to the courses on Android devices.

Using the Internet

The ability to use the Internet is now just about essential.  This course is designed to help you understand the Internet and to give you the confidence to use it for the many ways it can benefit the older generation.  Just a few examples are online banking, filling out and submitting forms, searching for information, online shopping, communicating with loved ones and businesses, searching for information, using Youtube, and borrowing and reading ebooks.